Tips for the Small Business Owner

The world of technology has developed, opening doors for small businesses to eliminate their fixed costs in expensive infrastructure and IT management, and instead use pay as you go solutions that are significantly lower in cost and offer more versatility. In addition, they have the tools to collaborate with their teams in a way never seen before. Through lower costs […]

Forms of Internet Marketing Revealed

The new age of digital marketing differs greatly from marketing strategies of centuries past. However, modern digital techniques also share many similarities with advertising methods of times long since past. In today’s times, the Internet has blossomed into a tremendous amount of marketing options. Advances in the web have brought us Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, the famous podcast, video […]

The Scope Of Today’s Digital Space

Digital marketing today is a growing field. Why are so many big brands and companies opting for social media or digital marketing? The reason here is simple. Social media marketing can ‘target’ many of their customers in a much better way than other forms of marketing. The major criterion for this decision is the fact that it can be personalized. […]

Online Marketing – Cost Effective and Efficient

Digital marketing, more commonly known as the online marketing, is the marketing that mostly relies on internet marketing as it is comparatively cost effective and efficient in reaching out to global clients and customers. Also, since the targeted audience fairly looks forward to a more comfortable marketing experience, online marketing, today, has become an indispensable part of our every day […]

Online Marketing Metrics for Your Business

Sometimes it helps to recall the clich├ęd. What cannot be monitored cannot be measured. Assuming your brand has adapted itself to being digitally savvy and is connected with users important to your bottom-line. Online marketing strategies have been carefully devised and intelligently implemented. But what about monitoring these efforts? Measuring performance and comparing the outcomes to an established line of […]